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Phibsboro, Dublin 7, Ireland
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Have a read of some of the legal services we have to offer below.
  1. Company
    We provide consultations and legal services in relation to creating and running different types of companies, debt recovery and insolvency, charities in Romania and Ireland. We offer advice and representation regarding work place relations issues.
  2. Family
    We are on the Legal Aid Board private practitioner panel and offer legal assistance for Maintenance, Custody, Access and Guardianship applications, Divorce applications and Domestic Violence issues.
  3. Notary Public
    Administer Oaths Attest Signatures Authenticate Documents Affidavits, Affirmations & Declarations Powers of attorney and other legal documents
  4. Immigration
    We assist with visa and residence card (stamp 4) applications based on EU Treaty rights, applications for visas and work permits for Non-EU Nationals. We provide assistance with citizenship and Irish passport applications for adults and minors.
  5. Social Welfare
    We provide assistance for social welfare applications, child benefit, disability benefit or other payments from the department for social protection.
  6. Personal Injuries
    We offer legal services in regards to Motor Accident Claims, Employer Liability Claims and Public Liability Claims.
  7. Romanian Law
    Considering buying a property or doing business in Romania? You are doing so in a country with a different language, legal and tax system as well as culture. Let us take care of you and your business.